Happily Ever After!!
Couples married
at the Farm.
Joy and Bob July 1975
Jason and Jennifer July 1999
Eli and Casey September 2004
Aaron and Andrea July 2007
Kevin and Mykal September 2008
Kyle and Yvonne August 2009
Chris and Jill June 2011
Joe and Kate 2010
Ben and Jola July 2011
Nick and Jessica September 10, 2011
Eric and Jenn July 28, 2012
Kurtis and Amy August 11, 2012
Rhett and Colleen
June 29, 2013
Eric and Jessica
July 13, 2013
Kaitlan and Mark
July 27, 2013
                Matt and Jamie
August 10, 2013

Joseph and LouAnn
August 17, 2013
Paul and Jenifer
August 24, 2013
Rob and Rachel
August 30, 2013
Jason and Jayme
September 7, 2013
Bill and Alana
September 14, 2013
Weddings at Upland Hills Farm
For additional information please contact Casey.

Tours of the Farm by appointment ONLY.  This is private property, and our home.

Everyone knows that weddings can be expensive, time consuming, and stressful.  Take some of the stress, expense and planning out of your big day.  Why not choose a location that has the potential to be a beautiful back drop for your nuptials, while entertaining your guests both young and old.
Availability and Cost 2019

Weddings can be held on the Farm during the months of
June, July,
August and September. 
Saturday is the preferred day of the week. 

You may hold both your ceremony and the reception here. 
You will have exclusive use of the Farm for your wedding day.

Here are some ideas and options to consider:

Rental of facilities





5 hours



per additional hour








per hour

* 1 tractor with 2 wagons 50-80 people



Pop, Coffee & Tea



# of people



per hour


*does not include ice









all day

per person

*Over 100 $100.00 all day

Extras to consider

The Farm provides the space for your party to be held, but what goes into that space is up to you. 
  • Some couples choose to use our picnic tables for their guests. 
  • Other couples will rent round tables and chairs with linens. 
  • If you are having a meal you will need to hire a caterer.
  • Music can be provided by a hired professional.
  • Music can also be played through the sound system in the reception area with an i pod or MP3 player provided by you.
  • Alcohol can be offered to your guests, however it needs to be served by a  bartender, not Farm  staff.
Dates Booked for 2019

June 1, 2019: Max and Shelby
June 8, 2019: Skylar and Rachel
June 15, 2019: Pre-Camp Training
June 22, 2019: Dakota and Amanda
June 29, 2019: Available

July 6, 2019: Available
July 13, 2019: Available
July 20, 2019: Matt and Meghann
July 27, 2019: Ryan and Sara

August 3, 2019: Nicholas and Felicia
August 10, 2019: Available
August 17, 2019: Roy and Amanda
August 24, 2019: Brandon and Brionna
August 31, 2019: Shawn and Aurora

September 7, 2019: Available
September 14, 2019: Jimmy and Karla
September 21, 2019: Zach and Shaina
September 28, 2019: Andrew and Sarah
Dates Booked for 2020

May 30, 2020: AJ and Kaylee

June 6, 2020: Eric and Reanna
June 13, 2020: Pre-Camp Training
June 20, 2020: Jeff and Kayla

August 29, 2020: Jeffrey and Tiffany

September 19, 2020: Aaron and Kim

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