Evening Hayrides Under
the Harvest Moon

Hayrides Under the Harvest Moon
A hayride under the harvest moon is a Midwestern tradition.  
Every Friday evening in October the farm is open from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. 
for individuals, families or groups to enjoy a 30 minute hayride, a warm beverage and fresh Farm made donut, and warm up by a blazing bonfire. 
Our hayride is not haunted. 
There are haunted hayrides at other farms in the area, check the internet for listings.
The cost is $9.00 per person.  This includes the hayride, the bonfire and 1 beverage and 1 donut per person.  Additional food is available for purchase including beverages and donuts.  You are welcome to bring your own pizza, hot dogs, s'mores or other food.  We have picnic tables in the main shelter or around the bonfire.  
Don't forget the sticks for your marshmallows and hot dogs!

Tickets can be reserved below or call the office to reserve your tickets today 
(248) 628-1611. 
 Safety Guidelines and Updates:
  • We all have a shared responsibility to keep guests, staff and the animals who live here safe. Guests who do not comply with our policies may be asked to leave. 
  • Hay wagons can accommodate 20 people at a time, note one tractor pulls 3 wagons. 
  • Hay wagons leave the farm at 6:30pm, 7:30pm, 8:30pm and 9:30pm. Plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled hayride ticket time. Several tractors are running throughout the night to accommodate all guests. 
  • Unless otherwise prevented by a medical condition, Upland Hills Farm and the State of Michigan require that all guests 5 and older wear a mask while inside buildings (including restrooms), in crowded outdoor areas and when less than six feet from other guests and staff.
  • When guests are physically distanced from others not in their party, they are allowed to remove their masks as long as they are not in a specific mask-required zone.
  • There are plenty of open areas where guests can move away from others and take a mask break.
  • Guests can temporarily take off their masks while eating or drinking.
  • Guests are required to wear masks when they approach staff at any time during their visit, and when they are near other guests 
  • In order to protect other guests and staff, guests who do not or cannot wear a mask will be prohibited from entering crowded indoor spaces or crowded outdoor areas.

During these difficult times we strive to provide a safe and fun experience. Please be respectful and kind and enjoy your time at Upland Hills Farm. 

September’s full moon, the Harvest Moon, has a special place in our agricultural history. Through most of the year, the moon rises each day about 50 minutes later than the day before. However, when the autumnal equinox approaches, the difference in rise times drops to about 25 to 30 minutes and even farther north, the difference is 10 to 15 minutes. As the Harvest Moon rises after sunset, it provides extra minutes of light each evening for farmers to work longer hours harvesting their crops. Today, with advanced farming techniques and electric lights, the moon is not as important to farmers as it was.

The Harvest Moon is also known as the Wine Moon, the Singing Moon, Blue Corn Moon, and the Elk Call Moon.

In some cultures, individuals whose birthdays fall on or near a harvest moon must provide a feast for the rest of the community. Wikipedia 2012
Please feel free to bring your own blankets.  It can get cold on the hayride.  Remember to dress for the weather so that everyone spends time having fun and not feeling cold! This event takes place rain or shine.