In The Dog House
A brand new litter of puppies has arrived. Josee has given birth to 13 puppies! They were born Friday, May 10, 2019. There are 3 chocolate and 10 black. There are 6 boys and 7 girls.
It’s hard for me to believe that I have delivered my fifth generation of Labrador puppies!  Josee was born August 26, 2012 and she is a joy to be around as she is a wonderful dog.  Josee is comical (as you can see in the picture below, when she thought she could fit in the cat's bed), she trains easily and she is sensitive to human feelings.  Josee is a large dog and has human vocabulary.  She barks to go in and out, when it’s time for dinner, when Josee finds a lost kitten or animal, for treats and when she wants to go down to the Farm.  Josee is a black lab with half chocolate genes.  Josee also is a lame pointer.  I don’t hunt, but Josee does as she points at even a mouse!  Josee enjoys playing fetch with her big brother in the ponds, she visit schools and she attends the Upland Hills Farm Day Camp and hangs with the children.  She also visits the grandmas and grandpas at Waltonwood.  Of course, I can’t sing her praises enough.  

Jake is a beautiful black lab with a block head.  He is an English lab weighing 90 pounds.  He has amazing lines from  Jake is good natured, loyal and loves everyone he meets.  Jake has sired several litters and has thrown all three colors.  He loves to swim and hang out in the yard and play with the kids.  He also loves to come in the house and be a lazy dog.  He is all around the best dog my family has ever had!

Eddee was Josee's mother.  She was the third generation of Chocolate Labradors I had the pleasure of owning.  Eddee was born May 26, 2006 and we said goodbye to her on March 19, 2015.  Eddee has no awards or great accomplishments.  Her personality and her intelligence were her glory.  She went on many School Assembly Programs in the Detroit Metro area and was a wonderful addition to the educational program.  She is greatly missed by not only me, but the customers and children she greeted every day.

Even though breeding dogs is a pleasure for me, I do have to cover expenses and charge $500.00 per puppy.  To save a puppy, a $250.00 non-refundable deposit is required.  Josee and Jake's puppies were born on May 13, 2016.  She had four chocolate girls, and two chocolate boys. As well as four black boys.  I will keep the puppies in the complete litter until they are 10 or 11 weeks old and until they are ready to adjust to a new family situation.  They will be allowed to go home with their new families the end of July.  These puppies will be well adjusted and socialized with our day camp children, handled and as one trainer taught me they learn a lot from each other being in a litter. The dog manners and rules learned in the litter will carry over to humans.  No family can choose a puppy until around 8 weeks as their personalities begin to shine.  Families are welcome to visit often by calling ahead.  I will continue to donate a puppy to people and organizations with special needs such as paws with a cause or police forces.  Both parents are AKC registered and have all their certifications.  Please see their papers below.

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