Upland Hills Farm Horse Camp

For ages 8 and up.

Over the years, we have had many requests to provide a horse camp.  We have always had the facilities and horses , but never the right person to lead a camp. 

Lucky for us, Debbie has agreed to teach our Horse Camp program!
Deb sees horses as her greatest teachers.  She spent five years working for Olympic level riders at a large horse farm as she worked her way through college.  She is now fortunate to spend the school year as a teacher at Upland Hills School. Horse Camp is Debbie's way of sharing her love for horses, and her horsemanship skills, with children.  She lives nearby with her family, a pony, a mustang, a big and stinky dog, bunnies, chickens, and cats.

Horse Camp Overview

To begin each day, we will have a one hour riding lesson.  Following the lesson we will have an instructional session, consisting of all aspects of horsemanship including:  leading, grooming, tacking, diet, and horse health.  Each day we will have a horse related activity or game.  We will have snack time leading into some free choice time.  Our day will conclude with another block of riding time, horse games and activities.

         Rates and Dates

Session 1:  

Session 2:  

Camp begins each day at noon and concludes at 5 o'clock.  Aftercare is available until 6 o'clock for an additional fee.

Horse Camp is $400.00 per session.  A deposit of $50.00 is due with the registration forms and the balance of $350.00 will be due June 10, 2019.

Horse Camp is open to children ages 8 and up.

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Meet the Crew


Ella is a gentle pony and everyone loves her.  She is a "fun size" pony to ride.

Blaze is our little blonde on the Farm.  He loves children and previously belonged to one of our employees. Blaze will love the attention received by the campers as he's being groomed.

Riley is a Hackney Pony and likes to hold his head up high as he goes around the arena.  He is the perfect size for most of the campers.

Honor is a Haflinger.  His stout frame and big belly make a saddle fitting a challenge.  Honor has a nice rocking horse canter.


Stomp is a Palomino Quarter Horse and is nearly 30 years young. In her earlier years, Stomp was a jumper horse at another farm. After developing ring bone, she came to live at Upland Hills Farm and is no longer used for jumping, but for occasional riding and grooming.